meaning of the 2 of swords Tag

The 5 of swords indicates we are in the process of changing beliefs and ideas about ourselves and the world around us or that these beliefs are being challenged by an external force. It can also represent legal matters and adjudication

This is air at 2 which as we know represents duality or the unmanifest, so we have the feeling of I am combined with a sense of duality giving rise to feelings of self consciousness and being different or separate from someone else. Generally this means that the querant has a difference of opinion to someone else and that neither side

The 7 of swords relates to the element of air /the mind (swords) and fire or the character (7).  It represents the mental process of consciously recognising and sorting through out habitual patterns of thought and behaviour, it is using logic and analysis to understand where problems have arisen and find a solution.  Remember at the 3 of swords we had the