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The 9 of swords relates to air at earth.  The air are vital energy that regulate the body.  They are the breath of life and the ability to love and be loved. Earth at 9 is the glorious end of one cycle where the absolute stands as the new beginning on the other side.  Very few people take death to be

The 8 is a latent behavioural pattern so here we can see that something is on repeat and the client is stuck in a rut and quite often will reveal that they’ve been in the same situation before. It is feeling trapped / being trapped / stagnation / inner torture - emotional bonds have turned to bondage / anguish

Like the 4, the six of swords relates to air at air and whereas the 4 indicates how we are attached to our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and is the ego, the 6 of swords indicates intelligence and the ability to discriminate between what is just a thought and what is the truth.  Instead of being attached to our

The 5 of swords indicates we are in the process of changing beliefs and ideas about ourselves and the world around us or that these beliefs are being challenged by an external force. It can also represent legal matters and adjudication

The Ace of Swords represents truth in the highest sense and relates the the element of air and the mind. The sword is shown as having two sides - light and dark, showing that we can use our mind for good and for bad and discrimination is needed

The three of coins is a card related to craftsmanship and using ones innate skills and potential through application of our wisdom. It is the student no the correct path, learning form an excellent master and slowly but surely developing their abilities.

The meaning of the Ace of Coins in the Tarot cards - the Ace of coins is a wonderful card that is said to have the power to outweigh all the negative card meanings in a reading and relates to our wisdom and ability to overcome our problems

The Fool tarot card sits at 0. He is the ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail, self-sustaining. He is life and death and the perpetuation of the soul from one cycle to the next. He is undifferentiated and unmanifest. He is the beginning and he is the end. The body dies and falls to disintegration, but the soul continues

The 7 of swords relates to the element of air /the mind (swords) and fire or the character (7).  It represents the mental process of consciously recognising and sorting through out habitual patterns of thought and behaviour, it is using logic and analysis to understand where problems have arisen and find a solution.  Remember at the 3 of swords we had the