3 of Swords

As we know air relates to the numbers 4,6,14 and 16 and the mind and ego or feeling of I am and the ideas we hold about ourselves.

We also know that 3 on our circle relates to fire and the character of the individual as something active or an energy and passion that we feel in the body.  So here we have the individual believing that they are the strong thought or emotion.  We feel the fiery passion and desire in relation to our thoughts and we are actively defending and promoting our ideas.  This card symbolises arguments and conflict that is actively happening and it’s simplest interpretation is anger, jealousy, hatred, resentment and thoughts of revenge etc. Anything that is not love or an expression of love in a relationship.  We may in this case forget who we really are and with  the 3 of swords we feel that we are our bad feelings as they can overwhelm us, albeit temporarily.  It is the tension held in check at the two of swords being released and we ‘have it out’ or ‘clear the air’ and in our quarrel manage to get things off our chest and hear Athens other persons point of view.  We lay down swords and reach an agreement.

Sometimes we may not need to shout and we may practice assertiveness and tell our loved one or do worker ‘that makes me angry / jealous / upset’ etc. The other party then allays our fears and we are able to move on.  Sometimes it may not be possible to speak to the person concerned as the source of the negative feelings is not available to speak to.  In this case we may go to a counsellor and get it out that way.

If we don’t release these won’t up feelings then we move onto the following swords and the buried negative emotions cause further difficulties.  This is what we see in action when the card is reversed, the querent is bottling up their anger and this can indicate that in the further their will be a reaction and the feelings will find some outlet and nine times out of ten this is what we find at the 7 of swords, but depending on how the individual is dealing with their feelings and the surrounding cards, other outcomes are possible.  For example it’s widely accepted that depression is repressed anger.


Anger, jealousy, hatred, revenge, suspicion

An argument or heated discussion that clears the air


Negative emotions are suppressed, or we are unable to express anger for example due to childhood conditioning

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