2 The High Priestess

The High Priestess tarot card sits at number 2. She is the mystery of life, the great unknown. She symbolises in life all that we are unable to perceive. She sits in front of the veil to the portal to all answers to the universe. She represents the cause behind all actions and all creations.

When we fall still during meditation we are able to go beyond the veil and find answers to our questions regarding life and its meaning. Thus we gain insight and understanding.

In practice she symbolises one of mankind’s greatest mysteries-conception-the enigma of life itself. All life is created through the High Priestess, nothing passes into creation except through her.

In readings she often places a block on the seeker gaining answers to their question for she refers to things which they currently cannot perceive or are unaware of.

I saw this distinctly for one woman who was in the middle of a long legal battle. When the High Priestess was turned I suggested that certain information was being withheld, and that she would be wise to delve deeper and request more information from her opponent. At the time of the reading she very much believed that everything necessary had been disclosed, however several months later she phoned to thank me saying that she had pushed for further disclosures and been quite amazed by what had surfaced. She thus managed to win her case.

When reversed the High Priestess implies that the questioner does know something vital to their situation yet is unaware of it. Very often the answer to the problem we are struggling to resolve is right under our nose and we fail to see it.

Thus when the card is reversed it is a sign to trust ourselves.

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