2 of Swords

This is air at 2 which as we know represents duality or the unmanifest, so we have the feeling of I am combined with a sense of duality giving rise to feelings of self consciousness and being different or separate from someone else.

Generally this means that the querant has a difference of opinion to someone else and that neither side are willing to change their outlook; a feeling of us and them.  However, as the two sits at the unmanifest no action is taken until the 3 of swords and consequently the 2 of swords is someone holding their younger or keeping the peace. Tension is in the air but neither side are willing to voice their opinion and potentially start an argument.  This creates sayings such as ‘you could cut the atmosphere with a knife’ or that we have decided not to ‘rock the boat’ about a situation and this can be both before and after the fight, disputed or conflict. Peace of a sort may be maintained but an agreement may not necessarily have been made and the tension remains, we prefer to live in silence rather than suffer the consequences of argument.

Here we can see the influence of the bonds of water (number 2) in that bonds are created and unless dealt with remain and create continued suffering.  As with all bonds, we have attracted these situations to ourselves and surrounding cards will indicate whether or not it’s better to maintain a truce or take action to resolve the conflict.  For example, if the querant asks ‘what should I do about a situation?’ and the two of swords is overturned, we can say that for the time being it is better to do nothing (remembering the hanged man at 12 and that not taking action is itself a choice).


When reversed the card symbolises an inability to maintain a truce and that conflict is close to breaking out.  It can mean that the querant has consciously decided to face their opponent and is waiting for the opportune moment to strike.  If the two of swords appears to indicate a solution or conclusion to a problem during a reading, the it’s always wise to take it further as a 2 card rarely indicates a final outcome due to very tentative nature of the harmony it describes.



Calm before the storm

Keeping the peace

A difference of opinion that is not verbalised

Tension between two opposing people or factors

The need to ‘have it out’ with someone and ‘clear the air’


The next time the opponent is on hand the peace will be broken yet action has yet to be taken, or that an argument has happened but that a truce as been reached

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