Ace of coins

The ace of coins relates to earth at the absolute. Earth is where the physical form has matured in full glory, while the absolute at number 1 signifies the start of creation. Thus with the Aces we find cards that signify both the beginning and the end of a cycle. Throughout our Tarot journey we have been referring to the circle which the numbers sit on. I have explained how this represents the number zero and how this represents the great manifest unconsciousness from which everything is created and everything returns. With the circular image of a coin we have an image that is the beginning, the end and everything else.

The symbol most closely representing this concept is the Ouroboros – the dragon or serpent curling round in a circle to bite its own tail. It represents infinity or a form that never ends – the continuous cycle of man – to go through cycles of Karma, searching for answers, looking for a way out of the repeat cycle of birth, death and rebirth and resolution of the karma created in each life time created by the duality of having consciousness or ego and it is this duality that binds us to the earthly plane.

With the ace of coins we have all these ideas and more, and in the realm of coins, wisdom and wealth. Our purpose in life is to attain self realisation and we do this through the 5 senses and the physical body. There are two different kinds of wisdom – that which we gain through experience – for example experience in pain in a relationship can help us learn what we nee dot know to create a partnership that works and knowledge which we assimilate – from books, television etc.

Wisdom from life experiences includes that which we carry forward from other life times and we may find that we are born with certain innate talents. We all have skills or things we enjoyed doing from an early age and in this life we are given the opportunity to crystallise that talent and use it for good or right action. Even natural healers and psychics with an inborn gift seek out a master or school in which they can channel their skills and insight.

The other kind of learning – gaining recognised qualifications or certificates is a path to a good standard of life and social acceptance. For some this is due to a love of the subject itself – for example someone who learns to play guitar because they love to play and then one day a producer hears them play and they are offered a recording contract.
For others it is a means to an end in order to gain a higher wage or elevated self esteem and social recognition. If we say: "I am an expert in maths" we are more likely to be believed if we have an associated qualification in that subject. Or if we want to be promoted we need to gain the correct certificates even if we know that we are the best person for the job.

Therefore we see that in the suit of coins, wealth and wisdom are intrinsically connected.

In a reading the Ace of coins relates to the act of learning and desire to gain knowledge and also the certificate which in this day and age is so important to show others our competence and level of understanding and competence. With this piece of paper they can be well rewarded. The ace represents documents (or files) that hold important information. I have seen the card come up in the future to show the client has passed their exams and then had feedback to say that they've passed. Ive also seen the card or up for people in legal battles, showing there are further documents that will add to the case.

The Ace of Coins shows that the querant knows what to do in a certain situation. They have a deep understanding of themselves and their own specific gifts and limitations and often their 'knowing' comes from their higher self. It also represents our self worth – do we value ourselves or do we feel worthless unless we have the 'right' qualifications and status symbols such as a big house or expensive car. However there are other things that, although they have less perceived material worth, we have gained enough wisdom to know they are more important – courage, compassion, loyalty, love, friendship and so on. These qualities may be things we have to work on through our lives and eventually own and come to value ourselves through. Often people feel they are not worth very much because they do not own many things and yet their families love them dearly and they are viewed as strong and noble.

The Ace of Coins in a reading directs our attention towards our strengths and abilities. Some old books on the tarot say that if the Ace comes up it outweighs all the negative cards in the spread and is able to wipe the slate clean and shows the querant is able to overcome their problems through wisdom and knowledge (connection to higher self). in general, I have found this to be well substantiated and that people can come through shining wen they get this card.

When reversed it shows the opposite, that the querant is struggling with their self worth, wisdom or wealth. it can show loss of faith in oneself and therefore some resignation and feelings that they don't know how to resolve their current troubles.
As ever surrounding cards need to be taken into account, but on its own the Ace doesn't come without a sense of shinning positivity as all changes or re-evaluations of our ideas, values and wealth are there to teach us more and can therefore only bring about more wisdom.


Self worth
Certificates and important documents such as a CV, driving license, deeds to a property etc.
Intrinsic knowledge and skills brought through from previous lives


Lack of self worth
Changes in what we value
The need to study and gain wisdom
Changes to our finances

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