3 of Coins

The 3 of coins relates to the earth at fire. The coins hold the qualities of earth and 3 relates to fire and the energy of nature (The Empress). Therefore this card represents activities based on knowledge and natural talents. Exact crafts are indicated, such as masonry, building of any kind and architecture and this is the card of the Freemasons; on several occasions I have seen it refer to members of the order. Once a client asked if the development plans he had were being thwarted by the Freemasons and when I explained the connotations of the 3 of coins he just sailed and said 'that's a good enough answer for me'. All these activities require planning and precision – the creative idea may come from the untamed energy of the 3 of batons – but practical application and turning an idea into reality comes from the tree of coins. It's also quite literally the art of making something physical out of materials the earth provides; for example sculpture, pottery and carpentry. In an ideal world the 3 of batons and the 3 of coins would work together but most often we have one of the qualities and not the other – someone might be a great craftsman but not necessarily be a brilliant designer or creative and vice versatile.

In a reading for a builder the 3 of coins came up and when i suggested he was an excellent craftsman, he grinned and showed me a document in his wallet stating membership to the guild of master craftsmen. His trade was based on construction and renovation and in his spare time he was doing up a Victorian property to its former glory. However he had no intention of designing a house from scratch. In another reading the querant was an architect and had the artistic vision that others paid him handsomely for, but would not have entertained the idea of building the visions he created!

The 3 of coins speaks of exactitude and natural talents (without the same showy flair that the 3 of batons has). here the talent is latent and has to be worked on through practice and application, there fore this card represents study or practice of any kind that suits the individual and unlocks the latent potential and wisdom on the topic. It's also the card f working under the 'master' or teacher and represents apprenticeships.
It can be going to University or studying in our time at home for the love of a subject but always speaks of a teacher student relationship at work.

If reversed, it can represent a teacher who is using their position to wield power or influence over others, such as stealing a students ideas as their own or unjust criticism that damages the students self confidence. In relationships it is the proverbial 'doormat' – someone who bends to the will of another person and is a people pleaser. It may be that for years we have been the 'good girl' or boy in our family and had our own wisdom over ruled by another persons apparently higher level of knowledge and therefore find it difficult to trust our own wisdom and stand up for ourselves. We have had to do or be what our parent wanted as this was the only way to survive. This personality type will do anything for a quiet life and it will take time to change long standing behaviour and coping methods.

In a broader sense the 3 of coins is a card of good fortune and wisdom around the use of finances and good business sense. It can also mean a person is born into money or is a member of nobility meaning they have not had to work for their money.


Apprenticeship / tuition / training / finding the right master / studies
Nobility or noble action
Sound business and planning ability


Weak-willed, a people pleaser who bends to the will of others, subservient

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