5 of Swords

The suit of swords relates to air / the mind and the number 5 which is the bridge between the physical and causal worlds, for something to manifest in lives we first have to think about it and conceive if having it.The etheric level cannot be touched or seen only heard, it is space, it carries sound, symbolised by the Pope and the Devil in the major cards.  Both represent what is carried or coming through on a causal level.

The 5 of swords represents ones deeply held beliefs about ourselves and the world around us and that these ideas are being challenged, it therefore also relates to discussions of any kind and I have seen it come up for people who are councillors, politicians, writers and anyone who is using words and language to challenge the status quo.  Quite often it is a challenging of our concept of who we are and we are conciously working to change our thought patterns, for example CBT or psychotherapy of some sort.  It’s any emotive issue that causes us to take a stand and raise our sword in the fight for what we believe to be true or just.  Another example in recent history is the suffragette movement, the women could not force the ment o change their behaviour, but they got them to change their minds by getting the men to see their point of view.  The Knight of swords (knights are the energy of the suit rather than representing a person) next o the 5 is someone who is actively fighting for what they believe in and if it represents someone other then the q in the reading it suggests a battle of wills and that the q is being pressured or persuaded to change their mind against their will or better judgement.

It indicates a person with mental agility who has the gift if the gab, and in relationships it can be used to manipulate, so if you disagree then you’re ‘mad’ or ‘niot thinking straight’.  It’s never a physical attack but rather a tactic designed to erode someone’s confidence in their own thoughts.  On the positive side it represents hypnosis – the Hypnotist, at the as request unlocks the barriers to the causal realm and brings about a change by poisiting new beliefs in the subconscious mind.   The card also symbolises the process of a case being heard in a court of law where both sides will stand for their argument and try to convince the judge and jury that their version of events is the truth.  I have often seen the Justicee card next to the reversed 5 of swords, showing the case would nit go as a far as court and would be resolved through mediation or adjourned.


The individuals belief system

Legal matters ad court cases

Being persuaded that you are what you are not

Being persuaded of something against your better judgment

Psychologists, hyponosis, CBT, NLP and any one who uses these tools to help one change


Not wishing to change ones beliefs, even against strong opposition

A battle of wills where to forces have crossed swords and are unwilling to see the other parties side of things

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