2 of Coins

The 2 of coins relates to duality or the unmanifest – refer to the numbers page for more information – and also earth (coins) so we know that something unmanifest has the potential to become something real and tangible in the physical world.  It is therefore the choice between ‘this and that’ or the decision making process involved in deciding ‘what to do’.  Coins are very much ‘doing’ cards and at the 2 we are in a state of not doing, which relates to the High Priestess and The Hanged Man in the major cards.  Making a choice to do ‘this’ means that we wont have ‘that’ and as we know from our circle of numbers 2 and 8 both relate to water so here we have the ties that bind affecting the situation and we are emotionally attached to a situation or outcome and less able to access rational judgement.

This is the card of someone who is unable to make a decision or it’s not the right time and they need to be patient whilst more information comes to light.  The Hanged Man is waiting to see what happens next and is actually hanging upside down between 2 posts and not in contact with the ground, so when we are in this state, we can quite often feel slightly dizzy or off balance; not fully grounded and have lost some connection with our higher self.  We feel almost as if we may as well just flip a coin and let ‘fate’ decide for us.

I find it is common for people to come for a reading and have the 2 of coins in the first few cards.  They are often feeling confused and want to reconnect to some higher part of themselves for guidance.  Also the suit of coins relates to wisdom and often we are faced with new situations in which we have no experience and have no point of reference for.

Often if you have young clients (we say that someone is legally an adult when they reach the age of 16 in the uk and I would not read for someone under this age) we see this card come up a lot as they have suddenly come of age and are faced with making their own choices in life, such as what to study; decisions which will affect the rest of their lives but yet they have no frame of reference for, a perfect example of the 2 of coins in practice.  

At the same time, learning how to discriminate is an essential part of becoming an adult and if in a reading we see someone has got very strong authoritarian cards next to the 2, then it can symbolise they have not been able to find their own ‘voice’ due to domination from another. If we are not ‘allowed’ to make our own decisions or they are made for us, how can we ever know if the choices we make in life are correct?  

It’s important to note that the 2 of coins has many connotations and is by its nature affected by the cards placed next to it in a reading, for example:

When indicating a persons character, its shows a deep rooted indecisiveness and lack of confidence in ones own instincts and comes from family patterning. Often it just symbolises and immediate predicament and that action needs to be taken and other cards can be drawn to indicate what will help the q move forward and able to access their own inner wisdom.  

As with all 2s and 8s, this is all going on on the inside and is not nesecarily visible to the outside world, so it also indicates the ability to smile through ones troubles and ‘put on a happy face’.  We all know the feeling of relief and peace that comes from having made a difficult choice.

Reversed:  This is a card that is more heavily influenced by the cards around it rather than whether it is upright or reversed, but reversed it can mean they are not aware of choices available to them or that alternatively the q has made a decision and is moving forward.




Lack of discrimination

Dithering, dizziness and feeling ‘off kilter’


No idea what alternatives there might be / deep state of inaction / refusing to make a choice

(Can sometimes mean that one has made a choice but needs to be confirmed by other cards)

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