9 The Hermit

The hermit tarot card sits at number 9

The Hermit is the free spirit of the Fool in physical form as man. He is the seeker on the path to enlightenment.

The passage below is taken from Toni’s new book on tarot which will is now available.

“…There is a lovely story that fits the Hermit superbly. A guru, having finished teaching one of his students for the day, come night-time, sets him off on his way home. The guru gives his student a lamp and saying goodbye, leaves him at the doorway. The student stands in the dark and lifts the lamp up high, but cannot see the road ahead. Fearful, he knocks on the guru’s door. “Master, master,” he says, “I cannot see my way home!” The guru replies, “Look down and what do you see?” “I see the ground, master, and my feet, but no more.” “Then you can get home,” replies the guru. “Each step you take is illuminated. Each step you take is sure-footed. Take one step at a time, and you will get home safely.”

This is the path of self-realisation. One step at a time, illuminated by the light within us. We have all been given a physical incarnation for the sole purpose of realising the self. There is no hurry, no rush, just a sure footed step…”

In a reading the Hermit indicates caution and prudence. It depicts a phase of needing to take stock of what we say to whom and when. I have seen the Hermit appear at times when it is much wiser to listen and not divulge too much about oneself.

When the Hermit is reversed it depicts secretiveness. There are many reasons why people are closed and reserved and surrounding cards will help highlight exactly what is occurring.

When the reversed Hermit represents the questioner it may indicate that they are naturally shy and reserved. Next to painful cards such as the Tower or 4 of swords it can show a lack of trust due to having been deeply wounded in the past. One client explained that her inhibitions came from past betrayal from those she loved, while another said that she had never been very open and was a naturally cautious character.

When the reversed Hermit represents someone other than the questioner it usually implies that that person is deliberately holding something back. This often arises when the questioner’s partner is having an affair, or withholding information on some other dark secret which the questioner would be upset to hear about.

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