6 The Lovers

The Lovers tarot card sits at number 6. It is not a card concerned with earthly love and which lover we might choose. It is a symbol of spiritual love and our love for the truth. It represents discrimination.

It is said in the Vedas that discrimination is a new faculty of mind which comes about at age 16. It is the first stage of individuating away from our elders to become a responsible person in our own right.

We have the ability to choose what is right or wrong for yourself. How our elders guide us during this crucial stage of development is of paramount importance because it will colour our entire life and either validate us as a discerning human being or make us prone to follow the lead of others.

The two paths offered are either *The World of Earthly Delight* or *Higher knowledge*. This is beautifully depicted in Botticelli’s La Primavera. Here we see the options illustrated as the physical world in which Zephyr, the mighty wind, lusts after mother nature in the form of Flora; or the three graces, symbolising truth and higher forms of love.

In our own lives we might recognise this as chasing physical sensation in the form of money, sex or goods versus the delights that can be acquired through taking time to smell the flowers or enjoy activities which appear not to have any gain.

If we persist in pursuing any activity for material or sensual gratification alone we will eventually find it tedious and thus require more and more of it to gain any form of satisfaction. I have seen many businessmen, standing at the crossroads of the Lovers card, not knowing whether to continue working long hours or slow down in order to actually enjoy time with their wives and children.

Discrimination also falls within the realm of relationships and often choice is between freedom or commitment. After all commitment is much harder work than flitting from one sensual high to the next; yet commitment offers a deeper love, which although enriching, can to many be an extremely challenging concept.

Where the Lovers is placed within the reading will show whether there is a choice to be made or whether the card describes the individual’s decision making capacity. Often I see the card for widowed women who have married young and never had to make any important decisions in life. Someone else has always chosen for them and suddenly they are alone with no concept of how to choose correctly for themselves.

When the card is reversed it symbolises either not wishing to make a decision or an inability to do so. The individual does not know which way to turn and therefore stands still, afraid to choose in case they make a mistake.

Often people under stress are unable to make correct choices, so for them the reversed card is valid and will highlight how debilitated they are. However, it may also show that the questioner is giving their power away to others by avoiding the issue.

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