5 The Hierophant

The pope, or high priest tarot card sits at number 5.

The High Priest symbolises our ability to listen when spoken to and to talk to the heart of others so that they by return listen to us.

The Pope represents sound on every level.

For the individual it is their ability to connect to their highest consciousness, especially during quiet times or meditation. Through the High Priest, and stillness of mind, we connect to the High Priestess and her abundant storehouse of knowledge.

The Pope is the bridge between the causal/subtle realms and the physical world.

In daily life it is our ability to listen to not only the words of others but also to the intonation in their voice so that we connect with them at a deeper level.

The Pope has always represented a spiritual guide and in modern times, when few of us in the Christian faith seek out our priest for moral guidance, the Pope takes on the guise of anyone whom we go to for positive communication. This is not advice, for I always view advice as someone telling us what to do, whereas the pope symbolises someone who will talk things through as a sounding board, yet leave us to make up our on mind using our free will and judgment. It helps offer clarity.

Thus the Pope may represent anyone who guides us. Counselor, therapist, parent, friend, lawyer etc.

When upright it indicates that the guidance is positive.

When reversed the Pope symbolises bad advice, someone who tells us what to do so that they might benefit, and an inability to listen. In practice I have seen the Pope reversed represent corrupt lawyers, inept counselors and needy friends.

Within yourself the reversed Pope indicates an inability to connect with our higher self and a lack of trust in our intuition.

All of the physical world is created through sound and vibration.

The causal level of the High Priestess is given expression in the physical world through the ether as represented by the High Priest.

Sound can help facilitate healing and inspire creativity.

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