3 The Empress

The Empress tarot card sits at number 3.

The Empress is Mother Nature. She is the life force that gives birth to all creation. She is abundant and fruitful. Everything in life is born through her.

In a reading she is nature itself and symbolises the client’s ability to connect with the planet on which we dwell. She therefore gives a love of plants and a propensity towards gardening and the arts when chosen in connection to career path.

She depicts the true nature with which we are born. When well placed during a reading she indicates that the questioner is using their talents to the full, and when reversed she indicates the opposite. Thus she symbolises a block to using ones inherent gifts and an inability to reach full creative potential.

The Empress also symbolises birth itself. Many women come for a reading to ask about pregnancy and future children. The Empress indicates easy childbirth and fertility, but only the High Priestess will show conception.

The Empress also depicts any project that we wish to give birth to, whether it be a business venture or a house move.

She is the creative power within us all.

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