21 The World

The World major tarot cards sits at number 21.


The World tarot card represents birth and rebirth, new beginnings and opportunities.

It is important that you read my information on the Vesica Pisces in order to fully comprehend the symbolism of The World.

At The Lovers tarot cards we learnt how discrimination helps us to rise above our dual natures in order to make correct choices in life.  However here, at the World card, we are the new born spirit emerging into nature as symbolised by the wreath that grows around the Vesica Pisces.

The creative principal shines through us time and time again, life time after life time, always bestowing a unique nature and opportunities to learn and grow towards perfection.  Our opportunities are symbolised by the four elements, The Angel -air-intellect, Eagle – water-emotions, Bull-earth-substance and Lion-fire-passion.  These are the same elements as we find in the four suits of tarot.

On our Tarot journey by the time we reach the world card we have been around 2 levels of consciousness and arrived at a new beginning or rebirth. Hence 21.

During a reading the World tarot card will symbolise that it is time to get out into the world and take the opportunities offered.  All of us have talent and potential at various levels.  As an astrologer I frequently see the phenomena in a client’s birth chart where they have lived the first part of their life using certain talents and are preparing to strengthen other, so far latent qualities, in order to progress in life and take on new challenges.

Sometimes the World card can also literally indicate travel and a need to travel further afield outside our regular environment.  When the World card is reversed it often indicates that the questioner feels trapped and unable to step out into the world.  A small world. I see this most often when the questioner is stuck in a caring situation, whether that be physically nursing elderly parents, bringing up children or staying in the same old job in order to bring in enough money to provide for a family.

Due to the World card’s connection with the Vesica Pisces’ ancient symbolism as the vagina during a reading it can also depict a safe birth, sex and a renewed exploration of ones sexuality.

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