19 The Sun

The sun tarot card sits at number 19.

The sun tarot card meaning is happiness, contentment and bliss.

The image on the sun card portrays two children, one male and one female, playing together in a walled garden with the sun shining overhead.  The two youngsters are generally depicted holding hands, dancing together or perhaps playing a musical instrument between them to show that they are in harmony with one another.

All of life is based on duality.  The this and the that, the right and the wrong, the black and the white.  Throughout tarot we see this fundamental  human dilemma of duality symbolised time and time again.  While one continues to live in this dark place of separation there can be no harmony, no true happiness.

Sun Tarot Card – Interpretation

It is said that if we follow our true nature, as symbolised by The Empress tarot card, that we will arrive in a state of bliss because we are in harmony with our highest self.  When we pursue goals that are against our true nature then bliss evades us.

The walled garden in the sun tarot card offers protection from the horrors of the outside world, those things which would interfere with our contentment.  However, the wall is also included as a warning.

When in a state of bliss and contentment we wish to stay there forever.  Only life is not static.  Life perpetually changes and demands that we change with it or suffer.  Then this innocent wall grows and we find ourselves locked in the tower, a false ego which  is eventually attacked by others, circumstances, in short, the furies.

Even the most wonderful of jobs, relationships, homes or creations, demand change to keep them fresh and alive.

If you look at how I lay out a tarot spread you will see that I have one line which represents the mind and the internal world, and another line which represents the physical world.  In a tarot reader it is always more beneficial for the Sun card to be found in the line of the mind, for this symbolises true contentment and inner bliss which is not dependant on any physical set of circumstances.  When the sun tarot card is found at a physical level then the happiness may well prove fleeting and dependent on people, places or things remaining exactly the same.  The Sun may well shine one day, but not necessarily the next.

The Sun card also symbolises universal or unconditional love.  It is the type of love which can never be broken and is not dependant on the other person loving us by return.  It is the type of love that a parent feels for their child, and a stranger feels when they stop to help when you are in trouble. Universal, empathic love is not dependant on any type of reward.

When the sun tarot card is reversed I always call it “happiness tinged with sadness”.   We have not always been happy and then we find contentment within our lives, yet we understand what it is to be miserable and wanting. We do not dwell on this, but in many ways we appreciate our current happiness that much more because life has not always treated us so kindly.  This often makes us work harder to maintain our present situation, and often in practice I have found clients with the sun card reversed to be genuinely more forgiving, understanding and compassionate than those who go around in some “state of bliss” believing that it is naturally God given to everyone.

Bliss : (Anglo-Saxon: blithe, happy) Intense gladness; the perfect happiness of heaven; eternal beatitude.


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