17 The Star

The Star tarot card sits at number 17.

In the Star card the woman is naked as she empties out two urns of water.  This is the same woman we saw in the Temperance card who was carefully balancing her emotions. Now the  emotional waters are emptied, let go of, her nakedness a symbol of her acceptance that any pretence is over and that she must now face the world as she truly is without any artifice.

Above her the stars shine in the night sky.  Seven of the stars define her true nature while the eighth symbolises the breaking of the karma which binds her.  In astrology the first seven planets are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  These are all said to be personal planets and define and outline our nature or character.  The Eight planet is Uranus and is said to be the first of the impersonal or outer planets.  Uranus symbolises sudden change and release from inhibitions.

Just beyond her is a tree with a butterfly on it.  Often this is depicted as a bird eating berries.  This butterfly symbolises transformation and  new opportunities.

Once she has finished her emotional release she will be free to turn and see the new wonders that life now offers.

The Star card in tarot is often called a card of hope.  Here, however, it is not hope as we often view it as wishful thinking, but in the archaic use of the word which means to have trust and confidence in the future.

Our astrological birth chart is a map of our true nature, a guide to our strengths and weaknesses.  William Shakespeare made many allusions to astrology in his plays and maybe one of the most famous quotes comes from King Lear in which he says, “The stars above us, govern our conditions.”  However, this does not leave us at the mercy of the heavens, for through the tarot star card we see that every astrological crisis can be overcome, every difficult transit of the planets an opportunity for new growth and learning, the possibility of dealing with our karma.

When the Star card is upright in a tarot spread it indicates that it is a good time for the questioner to have their natal birth chart and current astrological transits interpreted so that they may view a larger picture of their life patterns and how certain situations have come about in their life.  The chart offers an external  perspective of ones life and can help offer insight and encouragement.

In a reading the star card presents itself when the questioner has literally stripped them self bare.  The spilt water erupts as tears and all of the old, blocked emotions are accepted as pretence is given up.  Often the star card will symbolise a need to cry.

For one woman the Star came up in her reading once she had admitted to her husband how much she hated her job.  For months she had found work a trial and become increasingly discontent with the type of work she was doing.  Then one day she had broken down in front of him and wept from shear frustration.  “I couldn’t believe how understanding he was,” she said.  “I felt that I had to keep working at the job for the good money it brings in.  But now that my husband knows we’ve worked something out and I’m looking for different types of work.  The relief is enormous.”

For one male client the Star card symbolised his acceptance that a relationship was over.  At long last he had come to terms with the breakup and was now willing to go out with his mates again in the hope of finding a new partner.

When the tarot star card is reversed in a reading it symbolises hopelessness.   For someone with the Star reversed it is difficult for them to find meaning and purpose in life to the point of despair.  All of the emotions are stuck, pain surrounding past hurts clinging on like stubborn ghosts.  Often someone drawing the star card reversed will use such phrases as “I can’t,” or “what’s the point.”

When the star card is reversed and future cards depict no change in the questioner’s outlook and emotional state, then it is best to have the questioner draw what I call “helper cards” which will indicate ways in which the questioner can work within themselves to bring about change.  I also recommend the use of the Bach Flower remedy Gorse which is for hopelessness and despair.

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