1 The Magician

The Magician tarot card sits at number 1. He is 1 and at one with himself and all creation.
The Magician symbolises new beginnings, initiative and the ability to perform right action at any given moment. He is master of his own destiny.
Adeptly he chooses from the tools at his disposal, the sword of discrimination, the baton of energy, the cup of emotion or the coin of wisdom and wealth.
He uses them so deftly that it is as if he performs magic.
By being wholly in tune with his environment and with others he never makes one error of judgment. He is precise, exact and therefore appears to perform tasks in a far more efficient manner than others.

To fully understand the Magician close your eyes and imagine a simple scenario. Let a scene unfold in your mind’s eye. Any situation that you like, either a real one that you have experienced or a total fantasy. Now bring the Magician into play. What is happening in your imagination? Are there other people involved or is it purely a personal quest? What choices are you making? Who is directing the scene? Yourself or some inner voice that inhibits a natural response? How does the Magician react?

Let me guide the meditation for you. Close your eyes and imagine that you walk into a room and come upon a small child that is distressed? What is your reaction? Do you use the cup of emotion and rush over to embrace the child and comfort? Or does the Magician in you quickly take in the entire scene and note that the child is screaming because the house is on fire? How does the Magician react now? Does he stop to cuddle or does he quickly scoop the child up and run from the building, not caring if the child yells or kicks?

In every scenario in our life we are constantly bombarded with choices that need to be made. This is where we need to use the sword of discrimination and choose right action. The sword is intellect but the baton is response, the energy to get on with the task in hand. The cups bestow us with compassion while the coins ground us, ensuring that amidst activity we remember to stop and eat or rest.

The Magician is calm but can also be feisty.
Go back to our imaginary scene with the small child. Let us now imagine that we have entered the wrong house by mistake and that the child is completely unknown to us. Does this change our perspective? What thoughts are running through your mind as you read this? In your mind’s eye are you dithering because the child is unknown and that the parents might be cross if you touch their child? Or are you enraged that the child is unattended while the house burns down? Do you still pick the child up and rush from the building, or do you also call out to see if anyone else is around?

When the Magician in us leaps into play we always perform correct action. Often we amaze ourselves.
“I just did it,” we find ourselves saying, and wonder how we achieved such a perfect rendition of a piece of music, or sailed through closing a complicated business deal without getting confused or stressed.
The only down side of living in harmony with the Magician within us is that lesser mortals are inclined to become envious of our apparent ease with which we handle complex situations. Never let them put you off. More worthy individuals will offer praise, applause and appropriate reward for our skills.
The Magician within us is self confident but never arrogant.

In practice during a reading the Magician symbolises not only new beginnings but also the questioner’s ability to take initiative in any projects in which they are currently involved.
I see the card well placed for many prosperous business men showing that they are literally *on the ball* and excellent decision makes and coordinators. They do not get stressed in their work but thrive on challenge, which is why they are so successful.
For one woman I saw the card wonderfully placed within the spread indicating renewed strength after a serious illness. “I have a true interest in life again,” she said excitedly. “My mind feels so alert, and my body isn’t tired any more.”

When reversed the Magician tells the opposite story.
The reversed card indicates an inability to act spontaneously and a sense of constantly *getting it wrong*. In its wake come feelings of failure and inadequacy.
Often the reversed Magician shows that the questioner does not know what to do next in their life, what action to take or which interests to pursue.
For one young woman it indicated that she did not know how to deal with the problems arising in her relationship. “I don’t know what to do next,” she admitted. “Trying to reason with him doesn’t seam to work. Not even sleeping with him helps. Perhaps I should leave him, but that doesn’t seam right at the moment either.”

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