The 8 of Swords

The 8 of Swords is a card that resonates with the element of air (the mind) and water at 8 (karmic bonds).  Here we find that the bonds we have created have become binding and therefore we see the woman on the card bound and with her head bowed.

This is where we have got old thoughts that have got stuck and are holding us back.  Often this has happened over a long period of time and we can see this mental conditioning may have originated in our early years and are now creating karma for us.

They are the mental patterns that keep us stuck and afraid to move forwards, often in this situation the emotions are stuck in the body and we feel like we cant breathe of are suffocating in a situation.  This is often experienced as physical pain of some kind and its often quite painful to feel the feelings that are buried so deep, so we need to be gentle with ourselves when we have this card.

Its when we may sigh very often and feel lethargic with no reason for being so.  The solution is to go back a step to the 7 of swords where we find another influence or source of wisdom that can intervene and help us access these stuck feelings so that we can be released from bonds and breathe again.  If we don’t and keep moving forwards we find the suffering of the 9 of swords, where the stuck emotions must be expressed in some way and we have found active ways to manage difficult feelings that seem irresolvable.

There fore the 8 of swords relates to long term illness and feeling that you cant breathe, needing to talk to someone and find out what has caused these feelings and mental patterns by talking to someone skilled such a counsellor or psychotherapist who can help you to unravel the knot inside.  The reversed 8 in this case is positive, its showing us that the querant has started to take the first steps away from a limiting situation and has become aware of the need to do something (remember at 8 we are static and inactive and not taking action) to start to resolve their issues.

Love and light, Saskia 🙂 x


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