The 7 of Swords

The 7 of swords relates to the element of air /the mind (swords) and fire or the character (7).  It represents the mental process of consciously recognising and sorting through out habitual patterns of thought and behaviour, it is using logic and analysis to understand where problems have arisen and find a solution.  Remember at the 3 of swords we had the conflict of two personalities clashing and the 7 is what has arisen out of this conflict.  If we do not deal with the negative emotions experienced at the 3 of swords and continue to carry unresolved emotional baggage we will at some point have to deal with it.  This is the emotional ‘thorn’ that has been stuck for a long time creating a sore point and at 7 we are being presented with the opportunity to resolve the issue because it has been triggered.

At number 3 we saw the empress depicting the potential nature of a person, as yet untainted by experience; while at 7 we see the nature of the person has become fixed.  Therefore what was not expressed at 3 has become fixed and in the realm of swords we believe ‘ I am this darkness, I am bad, I am a worthless person’ etc.  in other words we get attached to the thoughts and believe we are our negative feelings and thoughts.

We talk about ‘opening up old wounds’, that something is a ‘sore point’ and don’t want to discuss it, or ‘mental scars’…the 7 of swords is the first realisation of what caused these scars and the potential to heal them.   Communication is a key word here, very often we need to talk the feelings through with a neutral 3rd party to resolve current or long buried issues.  So in practice it is the mediator between two parties, be it a divorce lawyer, a counsellor or a relative or friend.  Remember to differentiate between the Pope and the 7 of swords, the pope is giving counsel to an individual, whereas the 7 is learning what the problem is and the mental or actual effort to resolve it.

Reversed we find that perhaps one is unwilling to consider resolving things and is pushing their pain deeper into their psyche.


  • disarming the enemy
  • the need to resolve old hurts
  • liaison, negotiator, mediator, solicitor
  • Karmic ‘thorn’
  • Repressed emotions that need expression


  • denial of, or refusing to even contemplate dealing with old wounds


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