Tarot workshop at Greenacres, 2nd July 2017

IMG_0057Hi everyone,

Today we had a wonderful workshop at Greenacres Heatherly Wood, near Lindford, with the wonderful Sound Therapist and Professional Celebrant, Sarah Weller conducting Crystal Sounds workshop beforehand, so we were all really chilled and ready to read the cards.  I have added an image of an angel card here as it sums up what i got from the crystal bowl workshop – heavenly sounds that were incredibly ethereal, they seemed to come from another dimension and the setting was beautiful too.

We started with a quick intro into meeting your guides and then studied the Tarot cards by doing a three card reading.  Everyone was ask to choose three cards and interpret them without any prior knowledge of the card meanings, just using their intuition and the images on the cards as a guide.  we then gave them readings.  I think everyone found it interesting and I only wish i had listened to my intuition a bit more rather than trying too hard to prove myself and be liked or please people.  I definitely noticed that it was easier for me to link in with some people than others, meaning I had a rapport with them and also perhaps they more open.  I also found that certain packs were easier to read than others.  I would like to get some readings out of it for more practice and i have alot of knowledge to give.  Thankyou Father for my good fortune! and thankyou Sarah Weller and Peter Taylor too 🙂

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